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From the iPhone….


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First Post

It is Good Friday and everyone wants to go home early.

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First Post — not really

Ok so this post was actually written much later than the original. I started using this blog to show my students how to add widgets, choose appearnces, and post from a variety of locations. So in the process I would add, delete, modify things here and then leave them be. Often leaving behind a mess which to anyone coming to look for the first time, or for that matter anytime would seem like ..what the heck is this?

So now that that the Fall 2009 semester is coming to a close its time to reorder, revamp and make this a bit more user friendly. Besides I created anoter blog for the classes one. I also have several other blogs in the making so I wanted to see about making this one about only one or two thing and driving traffic to the other if someone wanted my opinion on other topics. Which I guess means that a topic or two should be formulated in order to continue. Yikes!! Better get going then…

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